123+ Waste Collections

Warwick District have confirmed that from 1st August 2022, they will be making changes to your waste and recycling collections and introducing a new 123+ collection service. The new service will be to both Warwick District and Stratford-on-Avon residents through a joint contact with Biffa.

What is the 123+ service?

1. A food waste collection, every week
Using a new food caddy (a small kitchen caddy for inside your property) and a larger food waste bin to use outside and put out for collection.

2. A recycling collection, every two weeks
Using a new wheeled bin for mixed recycling. This new bin, which will be provided by Warwick District Council, will replace the current red box / bag recycling system

3. Your refuse bin collection will change from every 2 weeks to every 3 weeks
Using your existing grey wheeled bin

+. Garden waste collection every two weeks
Using your existing green bin. Charge apply from 1st August 2022. You can subscribe to the garden waste collection by clicking here

To download an information guide, please click here