Committees & Dates

COMMITTEE MEMBERSHIP – Municipal Year 2021/2022

The following committee allocation reflects political balance on the Council.

Allotments Committee

Councillor Noel Butler (Chair)
Councillor Oliver Jacques
Councillor Stephen Cross
Councillor Martyn Ashford (Vice Chair)
Councillor Neale Murphy
Councillor Dave Skinner
Mayor ex Officio
Co-opted Members – Peter Atkinson, John Hinks, David Overton, John Owen, Steve Poynter, Cliff Wiggins & Alan Will

Economic & Tourism Committee

Councillor Terry Morris (Chair)
Councillor Stephen Cross
Councillor Noel Butler
Councillor Rich Eddy
Councillor Mary Noone
Councillor Oliver Jacques
Councillor Jody Tracey
Councillor Moira-Ann Grainger (Vice Chair)
Councillor Jackie D'Arcy
Mayor ex Officio
Co-opted Members – Janet Baldry, Liam Bartlett, Sue Butcher, Christine Hodgetts & Andre Klein

Community & Cultural Committee

Councillor Neale Murphy
Councillor Parminder Singh Birdi
Councillor Rich Eddy (Chair)
Councillor Linda Butler (Vice Chair)
Councillor Terry Morris
Councillor Martyn Ashford
Councillor Oliver Jacques
Councillor Dave Skinner
Mayor ex Officio
Co-opted Members – Bernadette Allen , Liz Holroyde & Unlocking Warwick

Finance & Policy Committee

Councillor Jody Tracey (Chair)
Councillor Terry Morris
Councillor Rich Eddy
Councillor Moira-Ann Grainger
Councillor Noel Butler (Vice Chair)
Councillor Parminder Singh Birdi
Councillor Jackie D'Arcy
Mayor ex Officio

Plans Committee

Councillor Stephen Cross (Chair)
Councillor Mary Noone (Vice Chair)
Councillor Linda Butler
Councillor Noel Butler
Councillor Neale Murphy
Councillor Parminder Singh Birdi
Councillor Jackie D'Arcy
Mayor ex Officio


Schedule of Meetings for Municipal Year 2021 / 2022

(All meetings start at 6.30pm unless otherwise stated)

Committee Meetings
Day Date Committee
Thursday 03/06/21 Community & Cultural
Monday 07/06/21 Allotment (Reps)
Wednesday 16/06/21 Plans
Tuesday 22/06/21 Finance & Policy
Wednesday 23/06/21 Economic & Tourism
Wednesday 30/06/21 Full Council (Special)
Thursday 15/07/21 Plans
Thursday 22/07/21 Allotments
Thursday 29/07/21 Full Council
Thursday 05/08/21 Plans
Thursday 26/08/21 Finance & Policy
Monday 30/08/21 Bank Holiday
Wednesday 01/09/21 Community & Cultural
Monday 06/09/21 Allotments
Wednesday 08/09/21 Plans
Wednesday 29/09/21 Economic & Tourism
Thursday 30/09/21 Full Council
Wednesday 06/10/21 Plans
Thursday 14/10/21 Annual Town Meeting (6pm)
Thursday 21/10/21 Finance & Policy
Wednesday 27/10/21 Plans
Thursday 11/11/21 Community & Cultural
Thursday 18/11/21 Economic & Tourism
Monday 29/11/21 Allotments (AGM)
Wednesday 01/12/21 Plans
Monday 06/12/21 Full Council
Wednesday 05/01/22 Plans
Thursday 13/01/22 Finance & Policy
Thursday 20/01/22 Full Council (Special)
Monday 31/01/22 Plans
Thursday 03/02/22 Community & Cultural
Wednesday 16/02/22 Economic & Tourism
Thursday 24/02/22 Plans
Monday 28/02/22 Allotments
Tuesday 15/03/22 Finance & Policy
Thursday 17/03/22 Plans
Thursday 24/03/22 Full Council
Monday 04/04/22 Allotment (Reps)
Wednesday 06/04/22 Annual Town Meeting
Thursday 07/04/22 Community & Cultural
Thursday 14/04/22 Plans
Friday 15/04/22 Bank Holiday
Monday 18/04/22 Bank Holiday
Monday 25/04/22 Allotments
Thursday 28/04/22 Economic & Tourism
Monday 02/05/22 Bank Holiday
Thursday 12/05/22 Finance & Policy
Wednesday 18/05/22 Plans
Thursday 26/05/22 Full Council


Calendar of Meetings 2021-2022

To view the calendar of meetings from May 2021 until May 2022 please click here