Commonwealth Games Cycling Road Races

Birmigham 2022 logoWarwick will be hosting the Cycling Road Races in the Commonwealth Games. Myton Fields will be the start and finish venue for the Cycling on Sunday 7th August 2022

Athletes and team officials will also be housed in one of the campus villages at The University of Warwick.

In the run up to and during the Games there will be changes to the way you travel and park around competition venues, road races and some transport hubs. ​

​To help reduce traffic in and around venues, spectators at the events will be encouraged to use public transport, with the cost included in their event tickets.

​The Road Races will require additional road closures and parking restrictions throughout Sunday 7 August to ensure the safe operation of the event for both athletes, spectators and residents.

For a full list of road closures please visit:

These areas will be busier than usual so please plan ahead and look at alternatives to driving like walking or cycling shorter journeys, taking public transport or travelling at a different time to avoid peak times.​

For further updates on Warwick’s Commonwealth Games please visit: