Committees & Meetings

COMMITTEE MEMBERSHIP – Municipal Year 2017/2018

The following committee allocation reflects political balance on the Council.

Allotments Committee

Councillors M Ashford, L Bolton (Chair), J P Bromley, C Cross (Deputy) & T Morris.
Mayor ex Officio.
Co-opted Members Allotment Representatives – Mr P Atkinson (Cape Housing), Mr J Hinks, Mrs S Murray & S Poynter (Percy Allotments), Mr A Will (Canalside) and Mr C Wiggins (Railwayside), Mr J Owen (Royal Horticultural Society).

Economic & Tourism Committee

Councillors M Ashford, L Bolton, C Cross, D Da Cruz, R Eddy (Chair),  R Edgington (Deputy), M Grainger, G Guest, J Holland.
Mayor ex Officio.
Co-opted Members – Mrs J Baldry ( B&B’s/ Accommodation Warwick), Mrs S Butcher (Warwick Chamber of Trade), Mrs C Hodgetts (Warwick Society), Mr L Bartlett (Warwick Castle), Mr A Klein (Warwick Racecourse).

Community & Cultural Committee

Councillors P S Birdi, C Cross, D Da Cruz, R Eddy, R Edgington, J Holland, M Littlejohn (Chair), T Morris (Deputy) & N Murphy.
Mayor ex Officio.
Co-opted –  Mrs L Holroyde as Warwick Society and M Hooper as Chairman of Warwick Twinning Association, Bernadette Allen (Warwick District Council Community Officer)

Finance & Policy Committee

Councillors M Ashford, P S Birdi, D Da Cruz, M Grainger (Deputy), G Guest (Chair), M Littlejohn &  T Morris.
Mayor ex Officio.

Plans Committee

Councillors M Ashford (Deputy), L Bolton, J P Bromley, R Eddy, M Grainger, G Guest, J Holland, M Littlejohn & N Murphy (Chair).
Mayor ex Officio.

Schedule of Meetings for Municipal Year 2017 / 2018

(All meetings start at 6.30pm unless otherwise stated)

Cycle 1
Day Date Committee
Monday 05/06/17 Allotments (Reps)
Wednesday 07/06/17 Finance & Policy Committee
Tuesday 13/06/17 Plans Committee
Wednesday 14/06/17 Community & Cultural Committee. 6PM
Thursday 15/06/17 Special Meeting
Thursday 22/06/17 Economic & Tourism Committee
Tuesday 27/06/17 Plans Committee
Monday 03/07/17 Allotment Committee
Thursday 27/07/17 Full Council


Cycle 2
Day Date Committee
Tuesday 08/08/17 Plans Committee
Wednesday 16/08/17 Finance & Policy Committee
Thursday 17/08/17 Economic & Tourism Committee
Monday 28/08/17 Office Closed
Monday 04/09/17 Allotments Committee
Wednesday 06/09/17 Plans Committee
Thursday 07/09/17 Community & Cultural Committee (6PM)
Wednesday 13/09/17 Full Council


Cycle 3
Day Date Committee
Wednesday 04/10/17 Economic & Tourism Committee
Thursday 05/10/17 Plans Committee
Wednesday 11/10/17 Finance & Policy Committee
Thursday 02/11/17 Plans Committee
Thursday 09/11/17 Community & Cultural Committee
Monday  13/11/17 Allotment AGM (7pm) 
Wednesday 22/11/17 Full Council


Cycle 4
Day Date Committee
Tuesday 28/11/17 Plans Committee
Monday 18/12/17 Plans Committee
Monday 25/12/17 Office Closed
Tuesday 26/12/17 Office Closed
Monday 01/01/18 Office Closed
Thursday 11/01/18 Finance & Policy Committee
Thursday 18/01/18 Special Meeting
Tuesday 23/01/18 Plans Committee
Thursday 01/02/18 Economic & Tourism Committee
Thursday 08/02/18 Community & Cultural Committee
Monday 12/02/18 Allotments Committee
Tuesday 20/02/18 Plans Committee
Wednesday 28/02/18 Full Council


Cycle 5
Day Date Committee
Tuesday 20/03/18 Plans Committee
Tuesday 27/03/18 Finance & Policy Committee
Friday 30/03/18 Office Closed
Monday 02/04/18 Office Closed
Monday 09/04/18 Allotment (Reps)
Wednesday 11/04/18 Economic & Tourism Committee
Thursday 12/04/18 Community & Cultural Committee
Tuesday 17/04/18 Plans Committee
Thursday 19/04/18 Full Council


Cycle 6
Day Date Committee
Monday 30/04/18 Allotment Committee
Monday 07/05/18 Office Closed
Thursday 10/05/18 Annual Town Meeting
Monday 14/05/18 Plans Committee
Wednesday 16/05/18 Finance & Policy Committee
Thursday 24/05/18 Full Council
Monday 28/05/18 Office Closed


Calendar Meetings 17-18