Warwick Seeks Four Young Ambassadors For Eurocamp 2024 To Be Held in Verden, Germany!

Verden, Germany has been named as this year’s international destination for EuroCamp 2024, an annual initiative that brings together 20 young people from Warwick and its European twin and friendship towns for two weeks of adventure and a creative project. EuroCamp 2024 will run for two weeks from Saturday 20th July 2024 to Friday 2nd August 2024.

Organised by Warwick Town Council and its twin towns, applications are now open to find the four young people, aged between 16 and 21, to represent Warwick. The four will become ambassadors for Warwick and will travel to Verden for Eurocamp 2024.

This opportunity allows the ambassadors to learn key skills, while completing a variety of community working and gaining excellent experience for any C.V or UCAS application! During these two weeks the group will work on improving the fitness equipment in the Verden City forest. Eurocamp will be managed by a professional youth worker, supported by a project team. This project is fully funded via Warwick Town Council and our twin towns, there will be no costs for the ambassadors (apart from spending money!)

Eurocamp 2024 will be made up of participants from Saumur, Verden, Formigine, Havelberg and Warwick.

To take part in EuroCamp 2024, applicants must live in Warwick with a CV34 postcode.

Application forms to participate can be downloaded by clicking here. For further information please email: or telephone 01926 411694. The closing date for application is Monday 8th April 2024.




Eurocamp 2023

Eurocamp 2023 was held in Warwick from Sunday 23rd July to Sunday 6th August with participants from Saumur, Formigine, Havelberg, Verden and Warwick.

While in Warwick students designed and created street art mural boards to represent their hometowns. The boards were officially unveiled in the Market Place on Friday 4th August 2023 by The Mayor of Warwick and Eurocamp 2023 students.

The Mayor of Warwick, Councillor Oliver Jacques said: “If you find yourself anywhere near the Market Place and the steps that go down to Theatre Street you will not help but see the stunning new mural artwork created by the talented members of this year’s Eurocamp. The theme was stained-glass windows and there are five large canvasses in a row each to represent a twin or friendship town of Warwick.

Eurocamp 2019

Eurocamp 2019 was held in Verden, Germany from Wednesday 17th July to Tuesday 30th July with participants from Saumur, Formigine, Havelberg and Warwick. Daisy, Anna, Peter and Benedict represented Warwick while completing a wide range of community work in Verden.

Eurocamp 2018

Cora-Laine, Jessica, Oliver and Rowan spent 2 weeks in Saumur taking part in a number of community activities, as part of our annual Eurocamp between Saumur, Havelberg, Verden and Formigine.

The camp, which rotates between participating towns, hopes to secure lasting links across Europe.

Cora-Laine, “Eurocamp in Saumur, for me, was an unforgettable experience. I met so many amazing people I hope to never lose contact with and with them created something beautiful in which we could share with the local community. I have never connected with a group of people in such a short time, making the trip all the more better. I am proud to have been on Eurocamp and I hope many more young people continue to go on it in the future.”

Jessica, “Eurocamp was the most incredible experience I’ve ever had the pleasure of taking part in. Saumur is a beautiful town in which there is so much to see and do, and many events to take part in, like the festival which we went to and had an amazing time. I cannot wait to come back to Saumur one day and brings my whole family to experience this brilliant community!”

Oliver, “For me, the experience I had was one of the best things I’ve ever had the pleasure of doing. It didn’t take long for me to make genuine friends for life; we worked together, ate together, cried together, laughed together and sweated together! Doing work for a fellow community was so fulfilling, it made me want to help contribute to our wider society outside of Warwickshire. One of the best things about this experience for me was having the ability to learn and practice my languages, despite English being used to communicate with everybody. Waking up each day and speaking French, English, Italian and German was a challenge but one worth tackling! The Eurocamp has also taught me about the importance of cross cultural dialogue and empathy, as each group had customs, traditions and quirks that were respected and embraced all, particularly in cuisines! I will honestly never forget Eurocamp, what it’s taught me and who I’ve met, thank you!”

Rowan, “Two weeks in Saumur, I wish it has have been more. Full of laughter, joy and light, so many wonderful nights. Happy memories with people at ease. Life-long friendship formed, my expectations outperformed. Such a great opportunity to help an internal community. After eating a lot of baguette, it’s an experience I will never forget’

Warwick Town Council would like to thank Saumur for organising and hosting this year’s Eurocamp