We have successfully found  4 young individuals to take part in this year’s Eurocamp between 23rd July and 5th August 2018. This FREE opportunity is a great experience for any C.V or UCAS application.



Eurocamp 2017 Formigine, Italy. 20th July – 2nd August 2017

Our five participants have returned from this year’s Eurocamp in Formigine. Their feedback has been excellent and we look forward to seeing their presentation at the Community and Culture meeting on Thursday 7th September.

Many thanks to all involved, with special thanks to Formigine for providing an amazing experience.


Eurocamp 2016 Havelberg, Germany. 21 July – 3 August 2016

Our four representatives returned full of gratitude for the life experience which the Eurocamp gave them. It was wonderful to see their presentation and witness the positive change which was apparent in all those who took part.

Well done to all involved especially our friendship town hosts, Havelberg for providing such a wonderful project and experience.


Eurocamp 2015 Warwick

In August 2015 young people from Warwick, Saumur, Havelberg, Verden and Formigine came together for two weeks in order to make mosaic(s) celebrating the friendship between our towns.
The finished mosaics are now in situ on the wall of St Nicholas Park Leisure Centre and were unveiled by Mayor, Councillor Mandy Littlejohn on Wednesday 19th August with the participants, Dignitaries from within the District, M.P. Chris White and many who were involved.

All 6 Mosaics on the wall of the Leisure Centre at St Nicholas Park with the team of people who took part.
The Final View

The whole project was an enormous success with all those involved creating 6 beautiful circular mosaics.


The bonds that were created between the participants continues and they all were grateful for the life experience which they would never forget.

Our thanks go to  Warwick Racecourse for their superb facilities and accommodation, Thank you Huw Williams and David Carns, Our Youth Team of Luke Spate, Thato Malebye & George Hardwick, you were brilliant also Marcos de Campos from the GAP. Fran Godwin and Sonia Kwasnik the teachers of Mosaics, Rose Winship and colleagues at Warwick District Council and the Leisure centre. To Alan Lettis for a wonderful evening of Karting, Warwick Castle for the great day out. To all our Councillors and members of Warwick Twinning Association & particularly the Mayor who gave their time to ensure that a good time was had by all.

Our Biggest thanks to our wonderful participants:

From Saumur: Maeva Binet, Benoit Le Chevallier, Betty Penard & Jimmy Xiong

From Verden: Alexandros Baxevanis, Niki Erhart, Fabian Hauschild & Miriam Wolters

From Havelberg: Gina Hartmann, Martin Knopf, Lysiane Linde & Charlotte Woltersorf

From Formigine: Alessia Calanca, Moreno Razzoli,Chiara Venturelli & Caterina Zanoli

The project and mosaic work had two main aims:

  • To reflect the unique identities of each of the participating towns and the young people participating in the project.
  • As well as the things we all have in common and the connections between the participating towns and the project participants.