Holocaust 2021

Warwick has a proud tradition of marking Holocaust Memorial Day every year on 27th January with a civic ceremony lead by the Mayor. In doing this we join towns, cities and schools all over the world in spending some moments remembering the victims and horror of genocides and holocausts over the years.

Local schools in Warwick have been a wonderful part of our local remembrance by doing special activities in school, and joining others on the day to read a poem or piece of writing whilst a wreath is laid to remember the millions of Jews murdered in the Nazi Holocaust and the millions of people killed in more recent genocides in Rwanda, Cambodia, Bosnia, Darfur and other places.

This year with the rules about gatherings and social distance it is impossible to organise the usual town centre ceremony in Warwick on the 27th.

Instead, the Mayor of Warwick has read a poem to share with everyone. The poem is ‘The Butterfly’ by Pavel Friedman

To View The Mayor of Warwick Laying His Wreath, Please Click Here

To View The Mayor of Warwick’s Poem, Please Click Here