Merry Christmas!

Christmas 2020 is going to be very different from any Christmas that we’ve experienced before and whilst the tradition of Christmas is based on the Christian faith, this is a time when we can all hopefully take a break, and re-charge our batteries at the end of what has been a very challenging year.

Social Isolation affects people of all ages, and from all backgrounds.  Covid-19 has made matters much worse for those already impacted.  It has also seen the issue affect even more people.  With many of us unable to be with our loved ones, it’s important to find new ways of reaching out to family, friends and colleagues.  Whether sending Seasons’ Greetings, or simply saying “Hi!  I’m thinking of you”, a few kind words can make a huge difference.

Warwick is built upon a community spirit and, by pulling together, we can come through this and look forward to a brighter future.  That community spirit has been demonstrated in many ways over the last 12-months:

I’d like to extend my gratitude to the businesses in Warwick who have found new ways of making their products and services available throughout this difficult year.  For many of them, this has involved increased hours and / or increased costs, most of which have not been passed on to us, the consumers.  My thoughts go out to those businesses who have not been able to operate during the pandemic, or who have seen their sales decimated.  I look forward to you reopening soon and would urge residents of Warwick to continue to shop local and support local businesses as much as possible.

I’d also like to thank all of Warwick’s key workers and the families of those workers who have done everything that could be expected of them, and often much, much, more.  Thank you for everything that you’ve done.

My final thanks go to everyone who has supported me in my role as Mayor.  Whilst it’s not been the year that I had planned, I do hope that I have met your expectations and, at least in some small way, brought you some cheer.

To all residents of, and visitors to, the wonderful town of Warwick, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy 2021.

Councillor Terry Morris, Mayor of Warwick