Myton Road Cycle Route Extension

Warwickshire County Council are managing a project to extend the cycle route on Myton Road, Warwick, to fill the missing link below this route and the cycle route on Banbury Road.

The scheme is part of Warwickshire County Council’s ongoing work to further develop the cycle network in Warwick, to enable more local journeys to be made by cycle.

The project will involve converting the norther footway to a shared use footway / cycleway between the St Nicholas Park entrance and the crossing point near Banbury Road. This will involve some localised widening of the footway and installation of the necessary signs, marking and tactile paving. The bus lay-by will be filled in, in order to widen the footway at this location and buses will stop on the carriageway

The scheme will also include an on-carriageway cycle lane on the southern side of the road on the above section to provide a continuous cycling facility for westbound cyclists. This will require either removal of the central refuge or provision of a cycle bypass to continue the cycle lane past the refuge.

To view an outline plan showing the cycle route extension, please click here