Privacy & Social Media Policy

Privacy Policy 

Warwick Town Council’s website aims to comply with the EU-wide General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR 2018). Warwick Town Council posts material on this website and are aware of its provisions.

  • Emails or postal details of people who contact the Town Council, for example to report a problem in the Town, will be kept securely for up to two years in case we need to contact you; but they will not be shared.
  • We will not pass on your information (e.g. email address) to any external organisation without your consent.
  • We hold no other details of people who have contacted us other than those they provide.
  • We will not send out circulars or promotions to people who email us.

The Town Clerk is the elected officer for Warwick Town Council who is jointly responsible for data protection compliance.

Social Media

Warwick Town Council’s social media is designed to inform the community of upcoming events and important news.

  • Any negative or inappropriate comments will be removed
  • Our social media accounts are only monitored during office hours
  • We are unable to respond to any complaints on social media. All complaints must follow our complaints procedure