The Town Hall Team

In the Town Hall

Town Clerk Jayne Topham

Town Clerk: Mrs Jayne Topham email:

Administration Officer: George Palmer email:

Mayor’s Secretary: Sarah Acklam email:

Events Coordinator : Fiona Molloy email:

Court House Custodian and Mayor’s Driver: Berkeley Williams

Court House Support Custodian: Christopher Saysell

Beadle: Michael Reddy

Sergeant-at-Mace: Terry Gardner

Assistant Sergeant-at-Mace: William Spraggett

In the Visitor Information Centre (vic)

Warwick VIC Manager: Liz Healey

Allotment Administrator and VIC Assistant: Victoria Bibby

Court House Administrator and VIC Assistant: Christine Boot

Social Media Coordinator and VIC Assistant: Trudy Ashmore

VIC Assistant: Martin Batchelor

Team of Volunteer VIC Assistants 


For a pictorial display of the Team  please click here