Stagecoach Bus Service Changes

Stagecoach have advised of a number of Bus Service revisions being carried out on their services across Warwickshire from Saturday 20th July 2019.

Service 1: Warwick – Leamington – South Farm 
Revised timetable with an improved standard service operating in the evenings. The late evening extension to Kineton from South Farm on Friday & Saturday nights is withdrawn. The late evening extension from Warwick on Friday & Saturday nights will no longer go to Wellsbourne but will instead extend to Chase Meadow, Barford, Lighthorne Heath and Gaydon.

Service 15: Leamington – Warwick – Wellesbourne – Stratford – West Green Drive 
Revised timetable. The Sunday service is retimed and linked with service X17 at Warwick Bus Station to enable through travel to Leamington, Kenilworth & Coventry.

Service 50: Stratford – Shipston 
Minor timetable change

Services 67/67A: Lillington & Cubbington – Leamington – Sydenham 
Services 67 & 67A are re-routed. Service 67A will now operate via Crown Way & Cubbington Road to/from Cubbington instead of via Valley Road & Parklands Avenue. Valley Road & Parklands avenue will instead by served on a revised service 67 loop from Leamington which will operate from Mason Avenue via Valley Road, Parklands Avenue, Telford Avenue, Montrose Avenue, Lime Avenue, Crown Way and Mason Avenue then returning to Leamington. The Sunday servic will operate in two sections – Service 67 operating between Sydenham Green Farm & Leamington and service 67A between Cubbington & Leamington.

Services 67B/67X Sunday: Cubbington – Leamington – Kineton – Upton House 
Services are withdrawn. The section of route between Cubbington & Leamington now renumbered 67A. The rest of the services are replaced by services 77 & 78 although services will no longer extend to Upton House & Compton Verney.

Services 77/78 Sunday: Leamington – Kineton & Temple Herdewyke
Services 77 & 78 partially replace services 67B & 67C. Service 77 will operate the standard route to Gaydon Motor Museum as operated by Johnsons on Mondays to Saturdays, and service 78 will operate as the 77 route from Leamington to Warwick Gates then via Harbury & Bishops Itchington to Gaydon Motor Museum. Both services will then extend to serve Kineton and Temple Herdewyke.

Service 665: Leamington – Harbury – Bishops Itchington – Southam – Napton
Revised temporary timetable to operate during HS2 roadworks until September.

Service X17: Warwick – Leamington – Kenilworth – Coventry
Revised timetable. Terminal point in Coventry will now be Hales Street.

Service X18: Evesham – Stratford – Warwick – Leamington – Coventry
Revised timetable. Terminal point in Coventry will now be Trinity Street. Service will no longer operate via Bidford High Street but will instead stop at a new bus stop on Tower Hill.

Service X19: Redditch – Studley – Alcester – Stratford
Minor timetable changes on Mondays to Saturdays. Major change to the Sunday timetable to enable interworking with service 15 from Stratford