Stanks Island – Update

Warwickshire County Council have confirmed the completion date for The Stanks Island Improvement Scheme has been delayed.

The Stanks Island and Birmingham Road Improvement Scheme, which will ease traffic flow in and out of Warwick Town Centre, improve air quality and increase cycling and pedestrian links is now expected to be completed later than originally planned.

Warwickshire County Council regrets the delay to the scheme’s completion which is as a result of a large number of uncharted utilities and an abnormally wet winter which has made ground conditions unworkable.

Warwickshire County Council and contractors are looking at all possible mitigating measures to ensure works are completed safely as soon as possible whilst minimising disruption.

Once the above measures have been re-programmed by the contractor, Warwickshire County Council will communicate the expected completion date along with dates for key phases of the scheme such as; the opening of Haywood Road, signalisation of Stanks Island and the opening of pedestrian cycling facilities.

Disruption to commuters will be controlled by effective traffic management and by rescheduling some of the more disruptive work so that it can be completed during the school holidays.

Warwickshire County Council, 14th February 2020