The Town Hall Team

In the Town Hall

Town Clerk Jayne Topham

Mrs Jayne Topham

Town Clerk
01926 411694


George Palmer

Finance & Communications Officer
01926 411694

Angela Clarke

Administrative Officer
01926 411694

Fiona Molloy

Business Development
01926 830808

Stacy Thomerson

Events Co-ordinator
01926 830808

Christopher Saysell &
Mark Rigney

Court House Custodians

Sid Russell

Mayor's Chauffeur 


Michael Reddy



Terry Gardner


William Spraggett

Assistant Sergeant-at-Mace

In the Visitor Information Centre (VIC)

Liz Healey

Warwick VIC Manager
01926 492212

Victoria Bibby

Allotment Administrator and VIC Assistant
01926 492212

Trudy Ashmore

Social Media Coordinator and VIC Assistant
01926 492212

Paula Fletcher

VIC Assistant
01926 492212

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