The Town Hall Team

In the Town Hall

Town Clerk Jayne Topham

Mrs Jayne Topham

Town Clerk
01926 411694


George Palmer

Finance & Communications Officer
01926 411694

Angela Clarke

Administrative Officer
01926 411694

Fiona Molloy

Business Development
01926 830808

Stacy Thomerson

Events Co-ordinator
01926 830808

Christopher Saysell, Mark Rigney &
Elie El-Lamma

Court House Custodians & Event Support

Sid Russell

Mayor's Chauffeur 


Michael Reddy



Terry Gardner


William Spraggett

Assistant Sergeant-at-Mace

In the Visitor Information Centre (VIC)

Liz Healey

Warwick VIC Manager
01926 492212

Paula Fletcher

VIC Assistant
01926 492212

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