Warwick in Bloom

Warwick in Bloom 2022 Medal & Category Winners Revealed

The 13 category winners and 50 medal winners of this year’s Warwick in Bloom competition have been announced.

Organised by Warwick Town Council, the annual competition saw green-fingered plantspeople – both experienced and brand new gardeners from all over CV34 – enter the full range of competitive categories. The competition attracted both returning and new entrants and saw 50 medals awarded, including a record 41 gold medals, to residents and communities across Warwick.

In judging the competition, the Warwick in Bloom team was re-joined by Simon Lycett, the Warwick-born internationally recognised floral stylist and florist to the Royal Households, as this year’s head judge.

Simon Lycett said: 

“The standard for this year’s Warwick in Bloom is – once again – outstanding! Given the very challenging weather of the summer, the abundance of colour and texture is testament to what hard-working, accomplished green-fingered folk are living in Warwick. As a result, Warwick is looking blooming beautiful and every single one of our winners should feel very proud!”

Cllr Richard Eddy, of the Warwick in Bloom team and chair of Community Culture at Warwick Town Council, said: 

“The entries for Warwick in Bloom never ceases to amaze Simon and the Bloom team and, this year, we’ve been delighted to welcome so many new entrants. Some of our new competitors were in their first year of a new garden or new to planting and we’re delighted that the judging panel awarded them Gold Medals! In fact, we have an incredible number of 41 Gold Medal winners this year – it goes to show how lucky Warwick is to have so many green-fingered and natural plantspeople in our community to make our bloom so gloriously every year. ” 

Simon and the Warwick In Bloom team named the category and medal winners as:

Category 1 – Retailers & Shops

  • Category Winner: Two Brothers Cafe, Gold
  • Sue’s Hair, Silver Gilt
  • The Tuckery, Silver Gilt

Category 2 – Commercial Premises – Baskets and Window Boxes

  • Category winner: Forever Living, Gold
  • The Old FourPenny Shop Hotel, Gold
  • Park Cottage, Gold
  • Warwick Racecourse, Gold

Category 2a – Commercial Premises Gardens

  • Category winner: Warwick Racecourse, Gold
  • Park Cottage, Gold
  • Forever Living, Silver Gilt

Category 3 – Hotel, Public Houses, Guest Houses, B&B’s and Restaurants

  • Category winner: The Old FourPenny Shop Hotel, Gold
  • The Secret Space, Coten End, Gold
  • The Old Post Office, Gold
  • Thomas Lloyd Pub, Gold

Category 4 – Domestic Large Gardens

  • Category winner: Roy & Sue Glassborow, Gold
  • Gail and Ray Warrington, Gold

Category 5 – Domestic Small Garden (Front)

  • Category winner: Jennifer Stephens, Gold
  • John Hunt, Gold
  • Mark Cox, Gold
  • Khriz Hawkes & Sam, Gold
  • Carol & Richard Furniss, Silver Gilt
  • Tim Newbold, Silver Gilt
  • Geoff Gowers, Silver Gilt

Category 5a – Domestic Small Garden (Back)

  • Category winner: Jane Sault, Gold
  • John Hunt, Gold
  • Jennifer Stephens, Gold
  • Liz Green, Gold
  • Linda & Simon Garwood, Gold
  • Lisa Leeson, Gold
  • Suzanne Lewis-Jones, Gold
  • Maddie Nelson, Gold
  • Carol & Richard Furniss, Silver Gilt
  • Margaret Garton, Silver Gilt
  • Annalise Pegler, Silver Gilt

Category 6 (Domestic Window Box or Hanging Basket)

  • Category winner: Kathy Spackman, Gold
  • John Hunt, Gold
  • Ann Lettis, Gold
  • Linda & Simon Garwood, Gold
  • Gail and Ray Warrington, Gold
  • Mark Robertson, Gold
  • The Guild Cottages, Gold

Category 7: Sheltered / Retirement Accommodation (Individuals)

  • Category winner: Stephanie Burdett, Gold

Category 8: Community Gardens (Groups)

  • Category winner: Priory Walk, Gold
  • Rohan Gardens, Gold
  • Neville Court, Gold
  • Chase Meadow Community Gardeners Group, Gold
  • The Guild Cottages, Gold 

Category 9: School Activity or Garden

  • Category winner: Newburgh Primary School, Gold

Category 10: Public Access Gardens

  • Category winner: Hill Close Gardens, Gold

Category 11: Community Streets

  • Category winner: Albert Street , Gold
  • Woodcote Street, Gold

The Overall Winner of Warwick in Bloom 2022 will be revealed at the competition’s prize-giving evening on 4th October, which all category and medal winners are being invited to attend.