Warwick in Bloom

Warwick in Bloom reveals 2023 medal and category winners! 

The 10 category and medal winners of this year’s Warwick in Bloom competition have been announced.

Organised by Warwick Town Council, this year saw the return of in-person judging following three years of virtual judging with residents and businesses required to submit photos of their entries.

The competition includes a full range of competitive categories open for entry from anyone or any business with a CV34 postcode. The competition attracted both returning and new entries and saw 41 medals awarded, including 14 gold medals, to residents and communities across Warwick.

In judging the competition, the Warwick in Bloom team was joined by Andrew Caine, a professional judge with full expertise on gardening and horticulture.

Andrew named the category and medal winners as:

Retailers & Shops

  • Category winner: The Chip Shed, Swan Street (Silver Gilt)
  • Torry’s Hardware (Silver Gilt)

Commercial Premises

  • Category winner: Warwick Racecourse (Gold)
  • Alderson House (Gold)
  • Forever Living, Longbridge Manor (Silver Gilt)
  • The Court House (Bronze)

Hotel, public houses, guest houses, B&Bs and restaurants

  • Category winner: The Thomas Lloyd – JD Wetherspoon (Gold)
  • The Old Fourpenny Shop Hotel (Gold)
  • Tilted Wig (Silver)
  • The Secret Space, Coten End (Silver)
  • The Eagle, The Holloway (Bronze)
  • The Rose and Crown (Bronze)

Domestic Front Garden

  • Category winner: Katherine Cowlard (Gold)
  • Jennifer Stephens (Gold)
  • Graham Doughty (Gold)
  • Stephen Lambert (Silver Gilt)
  • Mark Cox (Silver)
  • Adrian Fowle (Silver)
  • Khriztopher Hawkes & Sammi (Bronze)
  • Mr & Mrs Furniss (Bronze)
  • Abigail Newton (Bronze)

Domestic Window Box or Baskets (Front)

  • Category winner: Kathy Spackman (Silver Gilt)
  • Simon and Linda Garwood (Silver Gilt)
  • Gail Warrington (Silver Gilt)
  • Sue Parks (Silver)
  • Denis Hartshorn (Bronze)
  • Jackie Hanvery (Bronze)
  • Mr & Mrs Underwood (Bronze)
  • Karen Walls (Bronze)

Sheltered / Retirement Accommodation (Individuals or Groups)

  • Category winner: Rhoan Gardens (Gold)
  • Margaret Lawson (Gold)
  • Nuala Stopps (Silver Gilt)
  • Guild Cottages (Silver Gilt)
  • Stephanie Burdett (Silver)
  • Liz Jeffreys (Silver)
  • Doreen Harwood (Bronze)
  • Austin Heath (Bronze)
  • Patricia Salisbury (Bronze)
  • Castle Hill Almshouses (Bronze)

School Activity or Garden

  • Category winner: Newburgh Primary School (Silver Gilt)

Public Access Gardens

  • Category winner: Mill Gardens (Gold)
  • Hill Close Gardens (Silver Gilt)
  • Lord Leycester Hospital (Silver)

Community Participation

  • Category winner: Chase Meadow Community Garden (Gold)
  • Albert Street (Silver Gilt)
  • Neville Court (Silver)

Domestic Back Garden (Virtual)

  • Category winner: Simon and Linda Garwood (Gold)
  • Keri Tillyer (Gold)
  • Catherine Whyte (Silver Gilt)
  • Jane Sault (Silver Gilt)
  • Anna Jones (Silver)
  • Annelise Pegler (Silver)
  • Ann Lettis (Silver)
  • Khriztopher Hawkes & Sammi (Silver)
  • June Sabin (Bronze)
  • Jackie Hanvey (Bronze)
  • Jennifer Stephens (Bronze)
  • Maddie Nelson (Bronze)
  • Mr & Mrs Furniss (Bronze)

 The Overall Winner of Warwick in Bloom 2023 will be revealed at the competition’s prize-giving evening on Tuesday 12th September, which all category and medal winners are being invited to attend.

Head Judge Andrew Caine said:

“It was an honour to be invited to judge Warwick in Bloom 2023 for the first time. What the Warwick community have achieved this year is incredible and it was a pleasure to judge in-person and meet the passionate gardeners.

There was a wonderfully high standard shown by every entry, and while a thoroughly enjoyable judging experience, it was also a difficult one in choosing the worthy winners. However, my sincere congratulations go to our category and medal winners.”