Warwick in Bloom

Warwick in Bloom 2021’s Medal Category Winners Revealed! 

The 12 category and 53 medal winners of this year’s Warwick in Bloom competition have been announced.

Organised by Warwick Town Council, this year’s competition saw the return of the competition’s full range of competitive categories open for entry from anyone or any business with a CV34 postcode. The competition attracted both returning and new entrants and saw a record 52 medals awarded, including 29 gold medals, to residents and communities across Warwick.

In judging the competition, the Warwick in Bloom team was re-joined by Simon Lycett, the Warwick-born internationally recognised floral stylist and florist to the Royal Households, as this year’s head judge.

Simon and the In Bloom team named the category and medal winners as:

Retailers & Shops

  • Category winner: Torry’s Hardware, West St (Gold)
  • The Holloway Shops: Rigsby’s & Sue’s (Silver Gilt)

Commercial Premises – Baskets & Window Boxes

  • Category winner: Park Cottage B&B, West St (Gold)
  • Alderson House (Gold)

 Commercial Premises Gardens

  • Category winner: Warwick Boat Club, Mill St (Gold)
  • Alderson House (Gold)

 Hotel, public houses, guest houses, B&Bs and restaurants

  • Category winner: Park Cottage B&B, West St (Gold)
  • The Old Fourpenny Shop Hotel (Gold)
  • The Old Post Office (Gold)
  • The Rose & Crown (Silver Gilt)

 Large Gardens

  • Category winner: David Howells, Archery Fields (Gold)
  • Roy Glassborow (Gold)
  • Sue Grinnell (Silver Gilt)
  • Anthony Griffin (Silver Gilt)
  • Gail & Ray Warrington (Silver Gilt)

Domestic small garden (front)

  • Category winner: Jennifer Stephens, Charter Approach (Gold)
  • Sally-Jane Downes (Gold)
  • Mark Cox (Silver Gilt)
  • Maurice Hopcraft (Silver Gilt)
  • John Hunt (Silver Gilt)
  • Margaret Lawson (Silver Gilt)

Domestic small garden (back garden)

  • Category winner: Charles Jones, West St (Gold)
  • John Hunt (Gold)
  • Rebecca Bose-Blundell (Gold)
  • Charles Jones (Gold)
  • Robert Neale (Gold)
  • Simon & Linda Garwood (Silver Gilt)
  • Maggie Garton (Silver Gilt)
  • Colin Docker (Silver Guilt)
  • Carron Johns (Silver Gilt)
  • Joan Lingard (Silver Gilt)
  • Carol Furniss (Silver Gilt)
  • Sally-Jane Downes (Silver Gilt)
  • The Guild Cottages (Silver Gilt)
  • Julie Gold (Silver Gilt)

 Hanging Baskets & Window Boxes

  • Category winner: Denis Harts (Gold)
  • Katharine Spackman (Gold)
  • Gail & Ray Warrington (Gold)
  • Mark Robertson (Gold)
  • The Guild Cottages (Gold)
  • Tim Underwood (Silver Gilt)
  • John Hunt (Silver Gilt)
  • Joan Lingard (Silver Gilt)
  • Colin Docker (Silver Gilt)
  • Mary Hargreaves (Silver)

Sheltered/retirement accommodation (individuals)

  • Category winner: Stephanie Burdett, Friar St (Gold)

 Community Garden

  • Category winner: Chase Meadow Community Gardening Volunteers (Gold)
  • Rohan Gardens (Gold)
  • Priory Walk (Gold)
  • New Street Guerrilla Gardening (Silver Gilt)

 Public access gardens

  • Category winner: Hill Close Gardens (Gold)

 Community Street

  • Category winner: Albert Street in Bloom (Gold)
  • Woodcote Road (Gold)


Warwick in Bloom crowns Chase Meadow Community Gardeners as the Overall Winner of the 2021 competition 

Chase Meadow Garden Volunteers’ planting and environmental work has seen the community group named the Overall Winner of Warwick in Bloom 2021. The group’s entry won a gold medal and was also named winner of the Community Garden category.

The Volunteers were announced and crowned the winners of the competition at the In Bloom presentation evening, held at Hill Close Gardens in Warwick this week. Hosted by Warwick Town Council, the event was attended by this year’s category winners and individual medallists as cups, trophies, and award certificates, were presented by the Mayor of Warwick, Cllr Richard Edgington.

The group was represented at the presentation evening by its lead, Margot Rowdon, who collected the Overall Winner’s trophy.

In the group’s competition entry, one volunteer explained that “The voluntary gardening group is very special to me as it has been a wonderful way to connect with our natural world and also provided the means to form new friendships, as we learn from each other and help to create beautiful community areas for the neighbourhood to share and enjoy.’’

The presentation evening also saw a record 53 medals awarded, including 29 gold medals, to residents and communities across Warwick. Other winners on the night included Torry’s Hardware (Shops), Park Cottage B&B (Commercial Premises Baskets, and Hotels), Warwick Boat Club (Commercial Premises Gardens), David Howells (Large Gardens), Jennifer Stephens (Domestic small front garden), Charles Jones (Domestic small back garden), Denis Hartshorn (Hanging Baskets), Stephanie Burdett (Sheltered accommodation), Hill Close Gardens (Public access gardens) and Albert Street (Community Street).

Cllr Richard Eddy, Chair of Community Culture at Warwick Town Council said:

“Chase Meadow Garden Volunteers’ work in enhancing the beauty of their environment while also increasing the diversity of planting for the benefit of wildlife and ecosystems made them the Warwick in Bloom judges’ unanimous choice as this year’s Overall Winners. It’s fantastic to reward a group that has increased community participation in multiple gardening projects at Chase Meadow and we heartily congratulate them and all of this year’s category winners and medallists.”

The full list of this year’s winners is available at https://www.warwicktowncouncil.gov.uk/warwick-in-bloom/ and the competition will return in 2022.