Severn Trent Works – Guys Cross Park Road

Severn Trent will be replacing several water pipes around Millers Road and Warwick Hospital from 29th July 2019. The works will take approximately four months to complete and traffic management will be used to ensure the safety of members of the public. Severn Trent have been working with Warwick Hospital and Warwickshire County Council to ensure disruption is minimised and access to Warwick Hospital is maintained at all times.

The table below shows the location where Severn Trent will be working.

Where When Duration Traffic Management
Piers Close 29th July 2019 One week Signs and Barriers
Cross Fields Road 5th August 2019 One week Signs and Barriers
Mulberry Drive 5th August 2019 One week Signs and Barriers
Cornwall Close 12th August 2019 Two weeks Signs and Barriers
Arundel Close 27th August 2019 One week Signs and Barriers
Pembrooke Close 2nd September 2019 One week Signs and Barriers
Millers Road 10th September 2019 Four weeks Road Closure
Guys Cross Park Road 7th October 2019 Six weeks One way road closure
Millers Road 27th November 2019 Two days Traffic Lights


Will my water supply be affected? 
If Severn Trent plan to interrupt your water supply they will notify residents in advance with a card posted though the door. In the unlikely event that you experience discoloured watr during the works, please run your tap gently for 20 minutes until the water runs clear before use.

Retail Businesses 
If you own or operate a business which receives visiting customers who purchase goods or services from you and the works will affect your sales income then please contact Severn Trent Business Compensation Team – for further advice

Who do I contact about the work? 
If you have any queries about the work please contact Severn Trent on 077147 41935
If you experience any issues with your water or sewerage service while the work is being completed, please call Severn Trent’s 24hours operations centre on 0800 783 4444