Warwick District Council Grant Funding

Major grant funding made available to voluntary and community organisations

Voluntary and Community Sector organisations operating in Warwick District are invited to apply for grant funding totally more than £282,000 per year to deliver four schemes on behalf of Warwick District Council to enhance the lives of the district’s most vulnerable residents.

Applications are now open for bids for funding to carry out four separate programmes over a 33-month period. This includes the provision of advice, support and representation to the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector; point of need services and assistance to help minimise the likelihood and impact of financial exclusion; the setting up of employment clubs and training opportunities for the unemployed and those on low pay; projects tailored to improving social, mental, physical and financial outcomes for communities in identified priority areas of Brunswick, Lillington East & South, Sydenham West, and West Warwick.

Successful submissions meeting the identified aims of the Council, will be awarded funding for the period from 1st July 2023 to 31st March 2026.

For full details of the grant scheme including the eligibility criteria please click here